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[4Pcs] Wes Cares Design NanoMask Reusable
[4Pcs] Wes Cares Design NanoMask Reusable
[4Pcs] Wes Cares Design NanoMask Reusable

[4Pcs] Wes Cares Design NanoMask Reusable

Wes Medical

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 HIGH BREATHABILITY reusable masks with high efficiency just like disposable masks? Our R&D team has turned it into a reality! Easy to breathe for you and your skin. Introducing the Revolutionary Advanced Nano Layer Reusable Mask! Produced using state of the art technology, the Wes Care Nanomask offers you unparalleled comfort even after long hours of wear. You will never see reusable masks the same way again! Now in 4 fun designs!

UV STERILISED for your facial cleanliness. Are your masks causing sensitive skin? Less facial contact than conventional 3ply mask and reusable mask.

COMFORT was the focus for the materials redesign for long hours of wear and reusability. Nanomasks have effective sealing with the face without compromising comfort.

EFFECTIVE FILTRATION with better comfortable sealing for long hours of wear. Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE 99% and Particle Filtration Efficiency PFE >98%. Effective filtration after washing.

[ 4 pieces ] Wes Care Nanomask with adjustable earloops. BFE 99.9% BSI certified for ISO13485 Made in Singapore in a clean and controlled environment. L: 205±3 mm x Expandable up to- H: 130±3 mm 

Nanotech filters are factory rated for 30 washes. The actual number of uses will depend on how the user washes the mask. Most nano available in the market are coatings which take time to kill bacteria rather than provide air filtration and the 30 washes limit is for the coating to be adhered to the external mask. Recommend to soak in soapy water and not rub the seams

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